Titans Rendezvous is a passionate joint association between two organizations: Transforming Lives and Anand Nair Leadership Foundation, who have come together, bringing along an excess of over ten decades of combined years of experience spanning over a kaleidoscope of facets on thought leadership and corporate excellence for the benefit of young students and professionals of any age.

Titans Rendezvous, by means of its suite of combined offerings advised by its expert Team of Mentors and Consultants, has divergent abilities to drive a movement to craft top notch professionals and result oriented entrepreneurs for both India and the world at large.

Anand K Nair

Founder – Anand Nair Leadership Foundation

Anand K Nair delivers proven solutions for empowerment and leadership that emerge out of ‘Powers Within’. His career graph, spanning from a Management Trainee to a CEO, is spread over 4 decades of corporate exposure.

Today, as a known Entrepreneur, Leadership & Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, Life Coach and Author he conducts several group and individual counselling sessions on career development & advancement including portfolio management in every aspect connected with it for the younger generation and above.

Sneha Fernandes

Founder – Transforming Lives

Sneha Fernandes is a well-proven Life Counsellor & Pathfinder for both students and professionals for several years. Her soft spoken and humble composition coupled with a deep passion to serve humanity has connected her with several hopefuls over a span of 15 years who are deeply rooted to her even now.

Armed with a prestigious Diploma in Psychology & Family Counselling, she is able to successfully provide practical solutions for critical challenges faced by all who visit her. As a known Counsellor she remains in immense demand and most devotedly ensures that everyone who steps into the thresholds of her life leave with a determination to succeed over their trials encountered in their existences.

The Team

Sunil Fernandes

Sunil Fernandes is an established and recognized Chartered Accountant who is associated with a large number of national and international clients for well over 3 decades. Sunil is assisted by his team of highly committed professionals with a varied range of specialized skills servicing a gamut of business needs. His team, most arduously, believes in creating and adding value for each of their clients on a long term basis. He and his team have good experience in prominent projects to provide Human Resource Dynamics to MNCs and Fortune-500 Companies. Due to Sunil’s several years of rich experience he has been credited for molding personalities and careers of many young professionals and individuals. Apart from an illustrious professional existence, he also heads the International Chamber of Commerce (India Chapter) which presently has a presence in over 110 countries around the world. In addition, he is also a specialist in Mental Health counseling for over 25 years.

Seema Gupta

Seema Gupta, Founder Director of C-Maa Events, has enormous experience in comprehensive Event Management from the time she commenced in Canada several years ago. Her 360 degree solutions providing approach has proved worthwhile for several clients in India and abroad.Seema’s style in creating and conducting events has been found extremely innovative while ensuring precision in content and delivery. Apart from being successfully well established in the Events Management Industry, Seema also is an accomplished lyricist & ghazal writer and is associated with All India Radio.

Ajison B

Ajison B, Founder Director of HiDreamz Solutions,has more than10 years of experience in both IT development and business intelligence analysis. He has several years of experience creating customized solutions to address specific customer requirements, improve overall productivity and dramatically increase efficiency. In addition, he also has extensive experience in the fields of developing web/mobile applications and social media marketing.

Our Approach

The Titian Rendezvous Empowerment
You have everything that is needed to make it big. The right qualifications and experiences. The right intellectual capacities. The right passion for action. And yet, somewhere there seems to be something that is obstructing your advancement towards success. Reach out to us and explore the suite of sledgehammering initiatives we offer through our personal counselling to structured workshops that will establish your goals on realizable paths.
Student Portfolio Management
In a world that has begun to churn out a significantly higher number of graduates per year, many of them remain unemployed in rapidly growing and competitive corporate environment. At Titans Rendezvous, we don’t believe that students should be wasting their precious moments creating lengthy resumes that finally look like a “Me Too” one just like the rest. We provide a single linked virtual platform for the student to showcase every aspect of their lives, passions, achievements and goals enhanced with personal pictures, videos and social media links for employers across the globe to reach out and connect with them.
Professional Portfolio Management
In the present world economy, jobs are getting more and more precious. Entrepreneurs believe in exclusive ‘lean & smart teams’ and have little time & patience to shift through lengthy resumes. To ride over this challenge, Titans Rendezvous has very innovatively introduced its Professional Portfolio Management system on an innovatively created virtual platform. This virtual platform will become the professional’s brand image, crafted and maintained on a regular basis by us, to ensure reader delight for anyone who reviews it across the world.
The Titans Rendezvous Summit
The Titans Rendezvous Summits are a series of conferences designed to connect the best and most knowledgeable Speakers to a plethora of students and professionals under one roof. The Summits are not one-sided discussions but intellectual group interactions with speakers and the audience on several topics related to leadership initiatives, entrepreneurial excellence, corporate governance, etc. Through the Titans Rendezvous we ignite ideas to bring about a sea change in the manner in which true professional governance exists on a global level.


Get Involved

“How would you like to get involved with us in empowering students and professionals in a manner innovatively conjured up by you in Titans Rendezvous. Do let us know. It will be a pleasure for us to hear from you.”

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